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Here below is a review of Christopher Sia’s “Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery”, which is an online course teaching you how to draw realistic looking pencil portraits.The lessons themselves comprise of two hundred and eight pages and over six hundred illustrations.

The main idea behind each lesson is to teach you how to draw an outline of a particular facial feature like a nose or an ear and then slowly shade it in. The course provides informative instruction and guidelines which you definitely wouldn’t be able to catch on your own. Each out of five ebook lessons provides a process map and contains useful tips on how to approach or go about drawing a particular feature.


ProcessMapEye How To Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits   Course Review

Another useful bundle that comes in the package are seventy black and white, high resolution pictures – mug shots – of celebrities. These are a brilliant reference for anyone who is starting out.

LiamNeeson How To Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits   Course Review

Additionally you also get thirty close-ups of various facial features so you can notice how these differ from man to man. There is also a separate twelve weeks exercise package providing additional information on shading methods.

HowtoDrawEyebrows How To Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits   Course Review

Once you purchase the course you also have a chance of upgrading to receive thirty more celebrity mugs plus more techniques and tips on how to make your drawings even more sharp and lifelike.

FemaleMouthDrawnInPencil How To Draw Realistic Pencil Portraits   Course Review

This course is extremely useful if you’re looking to learn to draw from a photograph, it does not teach you drawing from memory. Overall, the course is very informative giving well detailed step-by-step info and great tips on how to easily get away with drawing difficult parts like ears or hair.

Make sure to book a lot of free time since there is enough reference materials to keep you busy for long winter months. The hi-res crisp photos make it easy for you and are a pleasure to work with. So if you’re interested in improving your drawing game from the photos go for it, if you hope to learn to draw from memory, forget about it and look somewhere else.



Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces | Free Ebook Download

Artist Parks claims that even beginners can draw faces realistically by perceiving proportions and accurately rendering, via facial mapping, the features that make one face distinct from another. In Secrets to Drawing Realistic



How To Draw Portraits Of Family And Celebrities

In Eight Easy To Follow Steps

And Make Your Friends Jealous!

ebook2 How To Draw A Realistic Pencil Portrait In A WeekSTEP 1: Having An Appropriate Reference Picture Is Crucial

Within the very first phase, you’ll understand how to select a reference photograph that is proper for yourself to draw. Some photos are tougher to draw compared to others, and lots of newbies leap into the wrong photo, only quit and never ever try out another time.

In this particular phase, you’ll discover how you can choose an appropriate reference image. The very best element is, you’ll draw much more promptly as well as with much less stress as soon as you know what kind of images to draw.


STEP 2: Organize The Facial Features/Characteristics Properly

 The placement of the characteristics is among the most fundamental component of a great sketching and so ought to be carried out properly. Picture your own disappointment when, half way through the shading, you discover the placement of the characteristics had been incorrect.

  • Strategies for properly placing the characteristics
  • eight pictures demonstrating the outline of the characteristics
  • Suggestions about shading (cross hatching)that you’ll utilize in each and every realistic pencil portrait which you sketch

STEP 3: Drawing Eyes- Shadows/Shading

The eye is among the most significant characteristic in the face and it’s crucial to catching the actual similarity/likeness of one’s drawing. Lots of people begin by looking at your sketching with the eyes after that move to remaining features.

Unquestionably, the eyes tend to be the very first area of a face that folks look at. Because of this, the majority of the artists extra attention to the eyes.

  • Guidelines concerning how to sketch the specifics of the eyes as well as eye-brows
  • Thirty four step-by-step pictures showing shading of the eyes
  • Eyelid drawing tips, irises, pupils as well as eyelashes, and also the adjacent dark areas
  • Methods to cope with the small details connected with eye shades

STEP 4: Drawing Nose – Shadows/Shading

Nose is relatively easy to draw since it does not give a lot of emotions unlike the eyes. Is it tough for you to draw noses? It can happen if you focus too much on sketching remaining facial characteristics.

  • Discover the crucial aspect of sketching a nose
  • Nine easy to follow pictures for nose shading
  • How to draw nostrils and nose bridge

STEP 5: Drawing Mouth – Shadows/Shading

Mouth after eyes is the other facial feature full of expression. It can even convey emotion stronger than the eyes do.

Making a mistake in mouth drawing can significantly destroy your portrait likeness. The drawing simply comes alive with acutely sketched and well shaded mouth.

  • Master drawing the mouth details
  • How to form perfect lips
  • Twenty easy to follow pictures about mouth shading
  • How to draw line of lips
  • How to sketch glossy/shiny lips

STEP 6: Drawing Ears – Shadows/Shading

Most of the books teaching drawing leave out the part about drawing ears and often suggest to cover them with hair. And if they do mention drawing ears it is usually quick and superficial.

Ear is unique for every men. To draw it properly, you’ll have to learn how to space the ear parts properly.

  •  Learn how to draw the details of the ear
  • Fourteen easy to follow illustrations about ear shading
  • How to get the right shading tone

STEP 7: Drawing Of Hair – Shadows/Shading

As important as other facial features may seem, getting the hair to look right is essential. It just cannot look like birds have been nesting there. It is time consuming and can be a bit frustrating if you do not do it the correct way and in correct order.

You simply cannot draw every single hair that’s on your model’s head, however you can add some distinct hairs to give it a clear form of hair. Correctly drawn hair dramatically change the look and feel of your drawing.

  • Master drawing the hair details
  • Do not waste time making the same mistakes as most of beginners
  • Twenty six easy to follow illustration for hair shading
  • Learn to highlight areas of hair
  • How to make hair seem realistic

STEP 8: Drawing Face – Shadows/Shading

Drawing of a face is the last step in this tutorial. It will provide final touches to shading of facial features like cheeks, forehead or jaw.

If you get this far in the course, I’m positive you’ll be able to sketch portraits of your friends, celebs and relatives.

  •  Master drawing faces in detail
  • Forty two easy to follow illustrations about face shading
  •  Learn to shade the face correctly
  •  How to shade the neck

The ebook has 60 pages and is very concise and informative without unnecessary clutter. The author Chris Sea makes it very practical so it is filled with examples and step-by-step instruction rather than theory. That’s definitely what you want from a book on drawing.


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On Shading:

products How To Draw A Realistic Pencil Portrait In A Week



How to Draw a Realistic Face – Drawing Lessons: A Face – YouTube

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How To Draw Real Faces

Learn How To Draw Realistic Faces In Pencil

Aren’t you tired and overwhelmed by the multitude of different advice and drawing tutorials that never entirely deliver? I know I was until I stumbled upon the Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery course.

Why I like It

The thing I like best about it is that it’s complete. I don’t have to search for any tutorials or instructions online and become confused by following different artists’ instruction. Here I have everything I need in one place with crystal clear easy to follow step by step guidelines.

Are You Lazy Like Me?

I’m not sure if it is the same for you but whenever I decide to study or learn a new thing I get extremely lazy and usually do not make any progress whatsoever. However, I found out how to overcome this. Whenever I decide to actually invest some money in learning a new skill I tend to do much better. So instead of googling constantly the term: “how to draw realistic faces” I can actually sit down and study it knowing I’ve already invested some money in it.

See The Difference Between These Two Pencil Portraits?

2images How To Draw Real Faces

Would you like to improve your drawing skills like that?

This realistic portrait drawing course kind of reminds me of when I first tried to learn to play the piano. I had always wanted to have a skill that everybody else would be jealous about and I figured piano playing was it. But I didn’t know the first thing about where to start and my friends thought I was a nut. Anyway, I took a plunge and bought a piano course. It was much easier than I thought and after a few days I was able to play a whole tune. And all I needed was a bit of step by step instruction. This immediate success motivated me to go on.

What’s great now is that I have the will to continue my education and I don’t really have to look for it anywhere else. The only downside is that my friends who thought I was a nut always want me to play something for them. But I don’t mind that because it gives me a great pleasure to do so.

obama How To Draw Real Faces

Pencil drawn Barrack Obama

See the Obama picture? Mmmkay? I have a similar sketch on my wall in my house. Anybody who visited me, always asked me about it and never believed me when I said I drew it myself. I always told them I wasn’t a real artist or a professional just an ordinary guy who loves to draw. So when they kept asking me how I acquired such skills I told them about the Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery course, how I got it and studied it and followed to the last letter. So now some of them got it too and immediately began having incredible success and now their friends are in awe. You see I like to take credit for this and always say that it was me who started it when I discovered Christopher’s Sia pencil drawing course.

Would You Be Surprised If Realistic Pencil Drawing Course Changed You Sketching Skills By This Time Tomorrow?

Well, I certainly was and so were my friends. So before you mob Chris Sia with your orders I just want to thank him for showing me those secret patterns and techniques. I only truly mastered a small portion of them so before you order his course I want you to remember the effect that your study of realistic pencil drawing mastery course has had on your drawing skills by this time next week.

I’m not going to say here what exactly is included in the course because you can read it yourself here:

Click here to see what exactly is included in the course

Not only will you learn unique pencil drawing techniques but also learn how to avoid mistakes that most of the amateur artists make what significantly impedes the progress.

In case you scrolled down here without reading what’s on this page, please spent two minutes on reading this post about the pencil portrait mastery course before you click the link below.

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