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How To Draw Mouth Realistically

Mastering how to draw mouth, teeth and lips properly is one of the key elements for achieving good resemblance in your pencil drawn portraits. Therefore to draw realistic faces a good deal of attention should be paid to that feature of the face. It is recommended to start off by drawing a line that goes between the lips. This shall determine the initial expression for the mouth and how to draw lips later on. The top lip usually differs heavily from person to person. The bottom one tends to be fuller, unless you’re Julia Roberts or Michelle Pfeiffer, with some cracks and creases. The upper lip also appears often to be more dark since it is shaded. Lower one catches the light more and is accentuated by the shadow directly below it.

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As important as mouth can be the teeth also play a great role in accurate portrait drawing of a realistic face. Drawing mouth, teeth and lips should start from sketching the contours and major shadows as well as highlights.

Next are the imperfections. Notice how do the teeth align with the mouth and check for skews. Also count the teeth making sure there are no extra ones in there.

Pay attention to how the edges of the lips blend with the skin. They are not regular and solid lines. See how they change in softness and try to blend them. Do remember that drawing is a skill and can be learned. Thus you need to practice, practice and one more time practice and hopefully questions like how to draw mouth will not pose any problems for you.



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Only keep the line closest to the eye line and remember it to be your brow line. For the mouth line (that line will define the center/opening of the lips), cut the section beneath the nose line and above the chin in half, draw the

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Visit for more free art lessons. Learn how to draw mouths in this video. How to draw a mouth. How to draw lips, teeth, and smile. Rating: 5/5. This entry was posted in Uncategorized by Stephanie.


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Visit for more free art lessons. Learn how to draw mouths in this video. How to draw a mouth. How to draw lips, teeth, and smile


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after an accident left him paralysed from below the neck, learnt to draw, paint and write by holding the pencil, pen or brush in his mouth.

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