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How to Draw Realistic Hair

One of the biggest challenges in portrait drawing when starting out seems to be drawing realistic hair.  How to draw hair in pencil or how to draw realistic hair are frequent questions that beginners often as themselves. These even may pose problems for established artists, who actually very frequently cleverly try to avoid doing it. Isn’t it a pity to be defeated by something as trivial as hair when you can already draw real faces and other features like a master? Here are some pointers which will help you improve your pencil hair drawing skills.

First you have to ensure you have the skull and ears sketched in place. It is easier to start drawing in the dark areas stroking against the hair growth. Try to leave out the white for now- places with bright hair color.

Slowly work your way up to lighter areas but let the highlights remain clear. Next with hard pencil try evening out tones between dark and light. Some small marks may be needed where hair overlap (dark with light ones). To make highlights again use an eraser or a sharp knife to scratch out the excess pencil strokes.

It’s good to start with a heavy paper. Regular typing paper won’t do the trick here. You need at least 2 ply. It is also easier to use eraser on such paper so multiple corrections are not a problem.




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