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drawing of a nose

Drawing Of A Nose

Drawing Human Nose Step By Step

A small anatomy lesson will be necessary before I start explaining how to draw a nose that is female or male. I mean you don’t need to study a medicine book to successfully draw a human nose but a bit of knowledge about the structure of the skull certainly won’t hurt.

It is common knowledge that nose shapes differ from man to man. Obviously it is because of the bone & cartilage. However, that’s not all. When studying the shape of the nose you need to also consider the muscles and fat underneath the skin. Finally, you need to study the whole face and observe  how other features like eyes or ears position themselves in relation to the nose.

Basic nose shape is in a shape of prism with an apex slowly widening until the lower part with nostrils. Coming back to the prism. Imagine moving the prism to different positions. Can you see the perspective? If you master the perspective aspect you should be fine with drawing any nose shape on any type of face.


Start from sketching face before you move on to the nose structure. To align the position of the nose draw a line down from the forehead to the mouth. If you are making a portrait with a model facing you straight, the outer parts of nostrils should more or less align with the inner corners of the eyes.

Always try to look for reference points even if you’re drawing a human nose from the profile perspective. These traits will always be different and depend on the anatomy of your model. For depth use shadows- the closer parts should be drawn more firmly and the more distant ones should be allowed to blend behind them.


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