how to draw faces

How To Draw Faces

This Pencil Portrait mastery course is an answer to your how to draw faces in pencil question. But before you start any clicking and further reading, I’d like you to realize something…

Drawing realistic faces is not a GIFT! It is definitely something that CAN be learned. I know since I have actually learned it. It also helps if you study from the best and Chris Sia who created this course certainly qualifies!

As the author himself claims, his students were able to learn the art of pencil drawing form his how to draw faces like a master course within two to three months! Certainly there are no promises of anything like that, however if you do not like it, you can always return the course for the full refund so you don’t take any real risks.

In the very course you will find over two hundred comprehensive pages and multitude of step by step pictures showing exactly how to draw people’s faces. If you have ever drawn faces before you must know that one of the important elements of any face drawing is an outline.

Having the right, proportional outline will allow you to accurately depict your model’s facial features. There are many useful tips in the course regarding just that plus over sixty shots of celebs that you can use for your realistic pencil face drawing practice.


how to draw faces eyes

How To Draw Realistic Eyes

Comprised in the course are also close-up pics of various facial elements and features so that you can exactly understand hot to go about outlining and shading them. When it comes to shading there is a special, additional package of different methods of shading that you would not certainly obtain from any other course out there. Exercises on these shading methods will prepare you very well and you will know what you’re doing once you get to the full drawing faces thing.

The instructions are well presented and I gotta say I really enjoy the course, however, it will only teach you how to draw faces from photos. You will not be able to learn drawing faces from your head. Even drawing life models can pose some problems, although I have been able to nail it as well with some additional practice and perseverance.


So what is exactly included in the course?

First ebook focuses solely on how to draw eyes. You will learn about most of the mistakes that rookies make. Eyelashes- you will be able to draw them correctly since it’s very easy to spoil the whole portrait if these are not well drawn. Irises, eyeballs and eyelids all presented in detail on over 120 illustrations. Cool stuff!

Next comes how to draw a nose ebook with over 160 illustrations that will teach you the tiniest details so you won’t spoil your portrait like a newbie.


how to draw realistic mouth and teeth

How To Draw Realistic Mouth

How to draw mouth and teeth ebook will school you how to really nail the expressive, beautiful mouth and teeth to make the whole face as radiant and realistic as possible. That one comes with over 60 closeup illustrations and well explained instructions.

Many students often think they have resolved the how to draw faces problem. They quickly change their mind right after they stumble onto ears.

How to draw ears is yet another separate ebook with over 125 pictures that will make drawing realistic ears a true walk in the park.

Finally come the hair. How to draw hair in pencil – probably one of the most difficult part in any pencil drawing endeavors. Here you will learn a powerful method of strokes which will give a special sense of realism to your pencil drawn portrait.


Process maps which will help you stay organized and make sure you follow all the steps of drawing a particular facial feature in the correct order.

how to draw step by step

How To Draw Step By Step Maps

One hundred reference pics so you could focus on drawing rather that on looking for good quality photos yourself.

Additional, special twelve-week exercises that complement the whole course really well. Completing them will set you on the way of becoming a true pencil drawing master, plus a personal author’s guarantee of lifetime updates.

All in all, there has been a good deal of success among Chris’ students. You can refer to the testimonials here. So if you are at all compelled to become a true artist and really want to master the art of how to draw faces in pencil that are realistic and lifelike, this course is for you!

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